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All His Life His Health was Poor. It took 50 years years to find out why.

Source: Washington Post, Medical Mysteries

An excerpt from an article by Sandra B. Goodman, Washington Post article. Find out how Dr. Rudert was key in helping resolve some life-long health issues for Steven Knapp.:

For as long as he can remember, Steven Knapp never felt well.

“That was pretty much true from early childhood,” said Knapp, a self-described “Army brat” who was born in Germany and grew up in Turkey and a half-dozen states, including Georgia where he has lived since high school.

Now 61, the technology writer said that childhood trips to the emergency room were not uncommon. A small and skinny child, he seemed accident-prone. He also had recurrent bouts of bronchitis, episodic nausea and a seasonal cough that was thought to be allergic. But doctors never found anything out of the ordinary.

Instead of outgrowing his problems, they worsened in adulthood

Click here for the rest of the article.

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