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Fox News Medical Team reporter Beth Galvin with Dr. Rudert reports on how "Probiotics may help

As interviewed on Atlanta Fox 5 News by Beth Galvin, Fox News Medical reporter, Dr. Rudert, gastorenterologist, informs on how probiotics can benefit your health. Click here to watch Fox video. Excerpt from article written from interview with Dr. Rudert by Beth Galvin is below:

ATLANTA - If you've never heard of probiotics, you're not alone. So that's where we'll start with Atlanta gastroenterologist Cynthia Rudert

What is a probiotic? She says, “A probiotic is good bacteria. And they vary tremendously. You have refrigerated probiotics; you have probiotics with one strain. You have probiotics with eight strains.”

At Health Unlimited in Toco Hills, probiotics are a pretty hot-seller and for a good reason. Probiotics - which replenish healthy bacteria in the gut - may help with diarrhea, food allergies and a host of other gut-related problems.

Dr. Ruderts says, “I see a lot of individuals that come and complain of gas, bloating, loose stools, constipation."

Often the problem is a bacterial imbalance in the small intestine, which Dr. Rudert says can be triggered by poor eating, illness, infection or antibiotics.

She says, “That's easy to treat. It's relatively inexpensive to treat. So I tell patients if you want to, try yogurts, fermented foods, fermented drinks. Kefir. Or you can take a wide variety of probiotics."

So, what should you look for in a probiotic? Click here to read the rest of the article on

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