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Don't Miss Prevention Magazine's article, "12 Worst Pieces of Medical Advice Women Get&

Don't miss Dr. Rudert's contribution on #9 in "12 Worst Pieces of Medical Advice Women Get", excerpt below, Prevention Magazine's article by Aviva Patz.

Worst Advice #9 - "If you eat a good diet and exercise, you don't need a colonoscopy."

Dr. Rudert's Advice:

"Misconceptions and myths prevent women from getting screened for colorectal cancer, causing this preventable disease to remain the second-leading cancer killer in the US. Over 64,500 women will be diagnosed with the disease and 24,650 will die from it this year alone, according to the CDC. I recommend that all of my patients begin regular colorectal cancer screening at 50, but in the US, only 38% of patients actually follow through. If the thought of a colonoscopy sounds uncomfortable and inconvenient, there's a new non-invasive stool-based DNA test called Cologuard, available by prescription, that requires only a stool sample. Only if the test comes back with positive indications of precancerous or cancerous cells do you have to undergo a follow-up colonoscopy. Now there's no excuse for putting off screening." —Cynthia S. Rudert, MD, FACP, board-certified gastroenterologist in Atlanta

For more information about non-invasive colon cancer screening, contact Dr. Rudert's office.

To read the rest of the article with answers on the other 11 bad pieces of medical advice women get, such as:

Worst Advice #1 "Heart disease is a man's illness"

Worst Advice #2 "If you're done having children, you can skip the ob-byn."

Worst Advice #3 "What painful sex?"

Worst Advice #4 "Low libido is all in your head."

Worst Advice #5 "Hormone therapy isn't safe."

and more, click here for entire Prevention magazine article!

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