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Won't get a colonoscopy? Dr. Rudert as interviewed on Fox 5 News says new home kit might be your

As interviewed on Atlanta Fox 5 News, Dr. Cynthia Rudert, gastorenterologist, talks about the newest colon cancer at home testing (Cologuard). Click here or on above pic for link to watch Fox video. Excerpt from article written from interview with Dr. Rudert by Beth Galvin, Fox News Medical reporter is below:

ATLANTA -Marja Robinson knew when she turned 50, it was time to get screened for colon cancer.

She says, “It was on my radar..."

And, that's where it sat, on her radar, for 8 years.

Robinson says "But the idea of the preparation for it, and the process, it was easy to put it on the back burner."

The 58-year old Roswell financial planner and mother of two was dreading a colonoscopy. The problem? The prep she'd heard about from friends, who'd had the screening test, recommended starting at 50, 45 if you're African American.

She says they told her, “How miserable that stuff is that you drink, and how it makes you not feel good, and stuff like that."

But last year, when Marja came to see gastroenterologist Dr. Cynthia Rudert, for an unrelated problem, Rudert put down her foot.

Robinson says, "She said, ‘You need to do this,' and I said, ‘I know.' And that's when she said, ‘You know what, let's try this.'"

It's called Cologuard. There's no prep, no anesthesia. No need to take time off fromwork.

Dr. Rudert says “It the first FDA-approved stool DNA test."

When Marja heard about it, she says, “I was like, that is awesome, that is awesome!"

Because this test? You do at home.

Rudert says, “There's no prep, no anesthesia."

Robinson says the company, Exact Sciences, sent her the kit via UPS.

She says, “It's just, basically, you provide a stool sample."

Rudert says the kit is a container that fits right on the toilet. You add a solution, screw on the lid of the container. Then, she says, "You package it all up, you ship it out."

Approved by the FDA in August of 2014 for people at average risk of colon cancer, Marjah says Cologuard was surprisingly easy. But, she had questions.

Click here to read the rest of the article ( .

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