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Living Without's Gluten Free & More Valentine's Issue - Part II Are You Gluten Sensitive

In Living Without's Gluten Free & More Valentine's Feb/March 2015 issue Part II on Gluten Sensitivities: Are You Gluten Sensitive? by Christine Boyd, go straight to the experts for lively debate on how to best test for and diagnose gluten sensitivity by Dr. Rudert and 3 other leading celiac experts! Excerpt, Dr. Rudert, "You have to be careful when people say they've been tested for gluten sensitivities because there is no FDA-approved test. I don't use stool or saliva testing. None of the celiac centers use these tests. Right now, gluten sensitivity is a diagnosis of exclusion--you rule out all other possibilities like celiac disease and wheat allergy before considering gluten sensitivity."

Writes Christine Boyd, author, We often hear people say that they've been tested for gluten sensitivity. There are saliva and stool tests out there that claim to diagnose the condition. Some physicians espouse these tests. Why are these tests not considered viable by celiac experts? Read more views on this question and more by celiac experts Cynthia Rudert, MD, Alessio Fasano, MD, Stefano Guandalini, MD, and Daniel Leffler, MD. To order the Feb/March 2015 Valentine's Living Without's Gluten Free & More magazine or access online, click here.

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